Kernel Panic on Ubuntu 16.04

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Kernel Panic on Ubuntu 16.04

Postby kyle77r » 27. Oct 2018, 01:02

I am currently stuck when I load up the iso to boot on my virtual box. I have been trying to get Mac OS on the virtual box with the Sierra OS, I have followed the prerequisite steps necessary to install this into the virtual box. This is what shows up every time I try and restart the application. The screen shot is of the terminal on boot up and I will include the log file that is outputted after it's stopped. Any help or direction would be appreciated.
Part 2 of the log file
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Part 1 of the log file
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Screenshot of the console where it is frozen
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Re: Kernel Panic on Ubuntu 16.04

Postby andyp73 » 27. Oct 2018, 08:23

It would have been much better if you had followed the site guidance and posted the log as a single zipped file. As it is, I only needed to read the first 20 or so lines.

You are attempting to run a macOS guest (aka a Hackintosh) under a Linux host on non-Apple hardware. This is not supported and is also a violation of Apple's End User License Agreement (EULA). More details can be found at: Important notice regarding Mac OS X as Guest.

Had you searched around the forums you would have seen that there are many similar threads all of which end up in the same state - locked and consigned to oblivion. Yours will be sent the same way the next time a site admin / mod passes by.

My crystal ball is currently broken. If you want assistance you are going to have to give me all of the necessary information.
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