[Resolved] Sharing files between High Sierra and Snow Leopard

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[Resolved] Sharing files between High Sierra and Snow Leopard

Postby Hugh023 » 29. Aug 2018, 08:50

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I seem to have Snow Leopard up and running. Now I've encountered something else, and once again, probably some oversight of mine. Sharing files between the host and the guest, something else to read up about.

As always, what seems on the surface to be a simple thing, turns out not so.

All I wanted to do was have a Mac computer that I could run Bryce 3D on. It won't run on anything later than Snow Leopard. Always on a budget, my thought was to buy a 2nd hand iMac from the Snow Leopard era, revert it back to SL, load Bryce, and get back to creating art. Sounded quite simple to me. Proved to be anything but. Bought a genuine install disk from Apple, stuck it in the drive, started the iMac from the DVD but nothing ever happened, got a grey screen with the logo and nothing more. Tried it a number of times. No go.

So, VirtualBox is my next attempt at getting this app up and running. All I need, is to be able to move some files back and forth between the host and the guest. Initially the install files for Bryce, the hopefully some art out.

Anyway socratis, thank you very much for your assistance, most appreciated.
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Re: Sharing files between High Sierra and Snow Leopard

Postby socratis » 29. Aug 2018, 09:20

Moving to "OSX Guests" from "OSX Hosts".

You need to network your host and your guest, just like you would do if you had two Macs side-by-side. Just follow these steps...

Part 1, enable the HostOnly option in the VM Settings:
  • Go to the top right-part of the VirtualBox Manager, at the icon with the screwdrivers
  • Click on the downwards arrow Host Network Manager.
  • I don't remember if there's a default adapter or not, but if you don't see anything there, press the "Create" button.
  • Click on the "Properties" button.
  • In the "Adapter" tab, leave it with the defaults, but make sure that in the "DHCP" server the "Enabled" is checked.
  • Then, click on the hammer icon (top right), select "Details".
  • Go to the VM Settings » Network » Adapter 1 » and change the "Attached to" to "Host-only Adapter". By default (and since you only have one), the "vboxnet0" option will be selected.
Part 2, enable Network Sharing in your guest/VM:
  • If you start the VM, you're most probably going to have an IP in the guest of
  • Go to System Preferences » Sharing » enable "File Sharing".
  • You might also want to enable "Remote Login" and "Screen Sharing", makes life easier down the road.
  • It would be a good time to set the "Computer Name" to something that distinguishes it from the host.
  • Your VM should now show in your 10.13 Finder's sidebar, with the name that you set in the previous step.
Part 2 is something that you'd do with any two OSX installations that you have on your network, not really a VirtualBox issue...

PS. If you by any chance you need internet access from your VM, just enable a 2nd network adapter in the VM Settings, and set it to NAT.
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Re: Sharing files between High Sierra and Snow Leopard

Postby Hugh023 » 29. Aug 2018, 09:58

Solved. Thanks for the offered a solution, found it myself anyway . . .
Thanks again.
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