Certain software doesn't work in Virtualbox.

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Certain software doesn't work in Virtualbox.

Postby Venko » 19. Sep 2017, 14:15

Hi, pardon me if this is not in the right section.
I have Virtualbox version 5.1.28r117968 installed.
I just tried to run "Chameleon boot loader", "Empire EFI", "HackBoot", "iboot" and whatnot-boot as a software, with no guest OS installed at all, or with Mac OS X guest installed (Mac OS X host).
No matter with what OS or setting I experiment, I always get the "guru meditation error" on boot.
Are these bootloaders don't work by intent in Virtualbox, or I just can't find the right settings?
Can someone help me please with the right settings (any OS in the "select OS" suits me, 'cos I just want to run the software, no need to install an OS).
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Certain software doesn't work in Virtualbox.

Postby mpack » 19. Sep 2017, 16:45

Yes, this is the wrong forum for an OS X guests question (hence moving this topic to "OS X Guests"), but I'm afraid the larger problem is that we don't allow discussion of installing hacked OS X guests.

Important notice regarding Mac OS X as Guest.
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