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VirtualBox-5.0.24-108355-OSX-3.dmg stuck at Verifying "VirtualBox.pkg"...

PostPosted: 1. Jul 2016, 19:16
by MacVBUser

I am currently running VirtualBox Version 5.0.20 r106931 on MAC OS X El Capitan version 10.11.5. I am an Admin level user on this Mac. When I launched this version of VirtualBox I was notified that there is a new version available and was provided the option to download VirtualBox-5.0.24-108355-OSX-3.dmg. The download completes successfully and the size of the disk image is 89.942.533 bytes.

I launch the DMG and get the Opening and Verifying message and I get to the screen with the 4 Items for this new version of VirtualBox. I then double-click on the icon VirtualBox.pkg which results in a window that says
Verifying "VirtualBox.pkg"...
. From here the installer seems to be stuck. I have let this Verifying run the entire night and no change.
Screenshot Verifying hang
Untitled2.jpg (33.15 KiB) Viewed 1494 times

I have tried downloading again using the link provided. I have tried downloading by going directly to virtual box dot org and downloading from the downloads. I have tried running the installer both with the older VirtualBox running and not running concurrently. All option result in the same Verifying hanging...

Is there an issue with this installer? I should not be required to do anything else other than double click the icon....that is how it has worked for all other updated that I have installed personally for the last 2 years on this same laptop.


Re: VirtualBox-5.0.24-108355-OSX-3.dmg stuck at Verifying "VirtualBox.pkg"...

PostPosted: 1. Jul 2016, 19:26
by socratis