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iphone recognition

PostPosted: 15. Jul 2010, 22:47
by ssenior45
Can anyone offer me some advice as to how to get my iphone recognized under a Snow Leopard guest?

I've downloaded and installed the Xcode SDK, and with that I've launched USB probe. Other USB devices are listed but when I plug in my Iphone, it is obviously recognised in my Windows XP host, but nothing happens in the Mac guest.

I'm totally new the Mac OS so hopefully I'm missing something very basic here.

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Re: iphone recognition

PostPosted: 16. Jul 2010, 21:53
by Sasquatch
If you want to get your iPhone on your Mac, then I would suggest you reboot the Host and select your Mac OS installation instead of your bootcamped Windows. The iPhone should pass to a VM without problems, because that's how I use mine, send it to an XP VM on my Linux host.

If you don't have an Apple computer, you're running an unsupported and illegal combination. We don't support Mac OSX on non-Mac hardware.