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Raw Access - Mac Guest

Postby gleesonger » 10. Jun 2010, 15:14

I'm currently running in the real world Windows7,Ubuntu,Mac 10.5.6 on my laptop with grub as my bootloader Windows7 is my main OS, all are running fine.
I want to setup VB so that both Ubuntu and the Mac partition can be booted from the real partitions (not concurrently).
I have setup Ubuntu nicely so that a virtual machine boots a custom grub image which in turn hands control over to Ubuntu. I have the restriction that the Windows partition is locked so that Ubuntu can't foul it up.
I'm having trouble setting up the Mac image, I have it working so that VB boots grub on my actual laptop (no restrictions as of yet) from which I select 'Mac' as I would if I was booting in the real world, the Darwin bootloader starts up and begins to load, the terminal screen goes and the mac screen pops up, after a few moments the timer beneath the apple symbol starts to spin but thats as far as i get, it never goes past that point.
I know that my CPU does not support VT-x, infact the acceleration tab is not visible in the system tab in VB. However given that I can boot into Mac just fine in the real world I would have presumed that I could do it virtually. I would have guessed that all I had to do was create a virtual machine that mimicked my real machine and everything would work fine, does anyone have some insight into this?
I've only started to look at virtualization in the last few days so apologies if my terminology is somewhat askew.
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Re: Raw Access - Mac Guest

Postby Uzume » 10. Jun 2010, 15:33

Hardware virtualization extensions are required. Further, all Intel Mac hardware have VT-x support so obviously you are trying to run Mac OS X on non-Mac hardware. This is not supported.

In fact the only supported configuration with any OS X guest is Mac Os X server as a guest on Vbox on a Mac OS X (server or not) host with Mac hardware. Apple only allows Mac OS X server to be virtualized and then only on Mac hardware. Other configurations are not allowed to be discussed here on the forums (whether they might work or not). Since Mac hardware supports Boot Camp it is believed the VBox development team will eventually support Mac OS X server guest on other OSes on Mac hardware but currently these are not supported configurations.
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Re: Raw Access - Mac Guest

Postby Perryg » 10. Jun 2010, 15:54

As Uzume states, Please read viewtopic.php?f=22&t=31104
Topic moved to OS X Server guests
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