OSX 10.5 As Guest on OSX 10.6

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OSX 10.5 As Guest on OSX 10.6

Postby Xangis » 15. May 2010, 20:55

I'd like to virtualize a copy of OSX 10.5 (which I own) on a copy of Snow Leopard (which I own and have installed on my MacBook). I do software development and I want to be able to test builds on 10.5 in addition to 10.6 to be sure I have the library and backward-compatibility settings right.

Assuming this can be done, is there a tutorial/howto anywhere? All I've gotten from a Google search is a metric ton of threads where someone asks whether OSX can be virtualed and then get slammed with 50-odd "not legal on non-Apple hardware" responses. Well, I'm on Apple hardware, so that shouldn't be an issue.
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Re: OSX 10.5 As Guest on OSX 10.6

Postby Perryg » 15. May 2010, 23:32

VirtualBox 3.2.0-Beta has native support for MAC guests on MAC hardware. viewforum.php?f=15
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Re: OSX 10.5 As Guest on OSX 10.6

Postby joserogo » 29. Jun 2010, 13:01

I have the same problem.

I need to virtualize Leopard on Snow Leopard because I have any applications which runs only on Leopard.

I have both, Leopard and Snow Leopard DVD disc, Leopard is Server.

When I create the new virtualbox machine mac osx and assign the DVD to a ISO from the 10.5 Server it start with the installation (efibot ... "Loading 'mach_kernel' but stop when is charging the drivers with two lines of dots (the first is complete and the second only have 3 dots).

I try with and without ACPI, w/o EFI, changing the order of boot, etc but nothing results.

Maybe is needed insert the DVD disc physically? Not run with the iso (or cdr format)?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. The ISO is ok, i have a VM of this ISO running perfectly on Fusion 3.1, but i need to run 10.5 virtualized on snow leopard in virtualbox.
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Re: OSX 10.5 As Guest on OSX 10.6

Postby Sharpie » 1. Jul 2010, 02:13

I had the same problem- needed to run OS X 10.5 on OS X 10.6 for software testing purposes. Leopard Install disk didn't work- EFI booting screen hung a few lines in with "Loading 'mach_kernel'". Eventually I dug up a 10.5.0 .dmg that I was able to convert to .iso using hdiutil that booted and installed. Can't assign more than 2047 MB of RAM or more than 1 processor which makes building software from source slow as all hell- but it works.

So, it does work- but I have no idea what the secret handshake involved was.
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