macOS Ventura Beta install boot loop

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Re: macOS Ventura Beta install boot loop

Postby dumbidiot453 » 25. Jul 2022, 02:06

Alright then.
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Re: macOS Ventura Beta install boot loop

Postby hwertz » 29. Nov 2022, 04:06

There's an "OpenCore Legacy Patcher" (OCLP) that is intended to let Ventura run on somewhat older models, your model's right on the line where they may or may not have Ventura on it yet. With Ventura they really have cut support for a lot of older hardware. Relevantly for VirtualBox, Ventura dropped USB1.1/2.0 controller support, you MUST use USB3). A lot of OCLP is patching back in drivers that have been removed (wifi, bluetooth, metal/metal2 video drivers), but the other big part is Ventura began to extensively use AVX2 instructions which do not exist on pre-late-2013 or so models (Haswell has AVX2, Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge have AVX but no AVX2, and anything older has neither one.) They have some patcher included with OCLP that is supposed to be able to patch the install to run on non-AVX2 systems, it patches the installer if it detects the system it's running on needs this patching.

One crucial note if you DID have a AVX2-having CPU, you *must* have nested paging enabled for AVX and AVX2 to show up in your virtual machine. This is in the documentation but easy to miss.

Unfortunately it didn't work for me. On an Ivy Bridge system, I made a Virtual 64GB USB stick, ran OLCP (on a Monterey VM), set up the install stick and booted off it. The install ran fine, but when it went to boot the new system it boot looped. For that matter, I attempted a Monterey to Ventura upgrade (without OLCP, running "Install Ventura") with a VirtualBox VM on an 11th gen Intel system (definitely has AVX2), and that bootlooped too, so it may be OLCP worked fine and with all that hardware support Ventura has dropped, there's some other incompatibility going on there.

Long story short, OLCP didn't work for me, but I think (due to AVX2 normally being required) that type of patcher is the only chance of having Ventura possibly run on your system (either in a VM or not.)
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