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MacOS restarting every 10 minutes

Posted: 23. Oct 2021, 15:26
by Epiwish

I want to use MacOS with virtualbox for testing iOS apps. I created and install macOS Catalina and it opens properly. But for some reason the system reboots every 10 minutes. I want to download Xcode but it keeps getting interrupted before the download is finished.

On my logs folder 'VBox.png' is just empty black image. Can someone tell me what's wrong?
Thanks a lot!

Re: MacOS restarting every 10 minutes

Posted: 23. Oct 2021, 20:27
by scottgus1
Please note that Mac guest OS is only allowed if the physical computer is an Apple computer. OSX guests on non-Apple hardware If you're not using a real physical Mac, we'd be happy to hear about other guest OS's, but we'd be unable to help on this problem.

If you do have a real Mac, Start the VM from full power off, not save-state. Run until you see the problem happen, then shut down the VM from within the VM OS if possible. If not possible, close the Virtualbox window for the VM with the Power Off option set.

Please right-click the VM in the main Virtualbox window's VM list, choose Show Log. Save the far left tab's log, zip the log file, and post the zip file, using the forum's Upload Attachment tab.

Re: MacOS restarting every 10 minutes

Posted: 23. Oct 2021, 20:30
by granada29
You need to post a log for your VM.

Run the VM and then immediately shut it down using the Apple menu "Shut Down ..." command. i.e. don't wait for a crash.

In VirtualBox Manager, right click your VM name and choose "Show in Finder ..."

In the Logs folder for the VM you will find "VBox.log". Right-click this file and choose "Compress VBox.log"

Attach the file to a posting in the forum.

It is also possible that you need to disable energy saving in both the host and guest OS. Your VM or your host maybe sleeping and this will cause problems with a big download/install like Xcode.