Measuring lag time for mouse clicks/ key presses

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Measuring lag time for mouse clicks/ key presses

Postby jl020894 » 10. Aug 2022, 02:53

I am running Mac OS Yosemite 10.10 on a virtual Machine with a ~2017 MacBook Pro as my host machine. I am using VirtualBox 6.1.36

I notice that there is a delay between when I click the mouse/press a key and when the action is registered in the virtual machine. I am hoping to run some software on this machine in which the reaction time of the user is measured, but this measurement would be confounded by such a delay.

Is there any way to measure the latency between when I press a key/click the mouse and when this action is registered on the virtual machine?

Also, is it possible to reduce the delay to zero with a virtual machine?

As of now I have 4 GB of RAM, 2 Processors, 128 MB of Video memory allocated to the VM. I also have 3D acceleration enabled.
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