ZFS appliance automatically boots up with CPU panic error

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ZFS appliance automatically boots up with CPU panic error

Postby tigerr » 18. Apr 2015, 03:00


I'm using Virtualbox to host 'n' simulated ZFS appliances. I was able to create 34 guest appliances fine but when I tried to create projects & shares on 34th guest appliance, the guest threw CPU panic error and started rebooting as you see in the image. But the rebooting was never completed and guest never came back online. Also Virtual Box GUI was totally frozen. I had to reboot Virtualbox hosting machine to recover Virtulabox as well as guest appliances. dmesg on hosting machine did not have any CPU panic errors.

vbox_appliance_boot_error.gif (28.17 KiB) Viewed 1747 times

I guess this is coming from appliance guest rather from Virtualbox. Please let me know if you have any clue?

Virtualbox hosting details:

VirtualBox XPCOM Server 4.3.26 r98988 linux.amd64 (Mar 16 2015 19:14:48) release log
00:00:00.036366 main Log opened 2015-04-17T23:40:01.777021000Z
00:00:00.036371 main Build Type: release
00:00:00.036381 main OS Product: Linux
00:00:00.036384 main OS Release: 2.6.39-400.211.1.el6uek.x86_64
00:00:00.036387 main OS Version: #1 SMP Fri Nov 15 13:39:16 PST 2013
00:00:00.036462 main DMI Product Name: SUN SERVER X4-2
00:00:00.036488 main DMI Product Version:
00:00:00.036635 main Host RAM: 258484MB total, 255287MB available
00:00:00.036644 main Executable: /usr/lib/virtualbox/VBoxSVC
00:00:00.036645 main Process ID: 7667
00:00:00.036647 main Package type: LINUX_64BITS_EL_6
00:00:00.178501 nspr-2 Loading settings file "/home/myhome/.config/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml" with version "1.12-linux"

$ VBoxManage -v

Thanks in advance,
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