connect from windows 7 (host) to Solaris 11 (guest)

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connect from windows 7 (host) to Solaris 11 (guest)

Postby Karkour » 12. May 2014, 03:29

Dear all, I installed a virtual box 4.3.10 and I added a VM for Oracle Solaris 11_1 and I set the network settings to Bridged Adapter -> Virtual Box Host-Only Ethernet Adapter and I want the following:

1- Connect from windows 7 to VM Solaris to use the installed Oracle 12 C DB on it ( what is the connection parameters should I use???).

2- Browse shared windows 7 folders from inside VM Solaris in ( Places -> Network -> Workgroup ) i have no windows domains.

3- If is possible to make a domain on VM Solaris and join the windows 7 to it??? will windows 7 apply to enter a Solaris Domain Network???

Thanks for all experts here, any help will be appreciated.

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