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Virtual Box

Postby Bugs » 17. Feb 2014, 05:59

Hi All,

I am trying to install Virtual Box on Solaris 10 installation.

I receive the following error message. Please see below. Any assistance would be appreciated. Please feel free to breakdown to me I am new to Solaris and Virtual Box.

[ verifying class <manifest> ]
## Executing postinstall script.
Checking for older bits...
Installing new ones...
Detected Solaris 10 Version Generic_137138-09
Loading VirtualBox kernel modules...
[b]No 32-bit version of (vboxdrv) found; 64-bit version of this driver exists.
64-bit driver (vboxdrv) not loadable on 32-bit kernel.
System configuration files modified but vboxdrv driver not loaded or attached.
can't load module: No such file or directory
- Loading: Host ...FAILED!
## Completed but with errors.

pkgadd: ERROR: postinstall script did not complete successfully

Installation of <SUNWvbox> failed.
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Re: Virtual Box

Postby martyscholes » 29. Nov 2014, 23:40

Solaris for a while (since 11?) has been 64 bit only. I would guess that VirtualBox only includes the 64-bit components for a Solaris host. Your kernel is 32 bits, which it seems won't work.
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