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Windows XP crashes

PostPosted: 25. Jul 2007, 18:24
by Motorpsycho
Hi, i am running virtual box under vista and i have created a fresh windows XP virtual machine. Then i mount a shared folder and try to install an application from this folder, the VM crashes with a bluescreen. This is reproducable.

PostPosted: 25. Jul 2007, 20:31
by stefan.becker
There are known problems at the moment. But not a solution before Version 1.42.

PostPosted: 25. Jul 2007, 20:33
by newhere123
"Windows XP Crashes"
What else is new?

PostPosted: 25. Jul 2007, 20:37
by stefan.becker
newhere123 wrote:"Windows XP Crashes"
What else is new?

You are right. Thats a sign for VB for a 100 % compatible PC-Emulation :)

PostPosted: 30. Jul 2007, 18:48
by kurti
Host: Windows XP, Guest: Windows XP
When I try to install programs from a shared folder mapped to a drive the guest Explorer hangs. Some programs (like Adobe Reader) show a progress bar while unpacking and it crashed at about 50%. I was not able to kill the explorer process. Only VM restart worked.
What are the known problems with shared folders?

PostPosted: 30. Jul 2007, 20:01
by sandervl

PostPosted: 7. Aug 2007, 11:13
by azenz
I also get BSOD screens only when copying larger files (over 100 MB) or several large files under a XP guest and a Linux host. Also, Sony Vegas crashes when rendering from a folder of video files that exceeds several GB in size. This severely limits the use of Virtualbox for me, and I know of others who are holding off on using Virtualbox because of this.

Could you confirm that this will be addressed in version 1.4.2 and when can we expect that version to come out? Thanks.

PostPosted: 7. Aug 2007, 13:04
by sandervl
Try the new driver in the ticket I've mentioned before. If you still get blue screens, then please report it there.

PostPosted: 7. Aug 2007, 15:11
by azenz
Thanks, but I run Mandriva Linux as the host and am not sure where to copy the file VBoxSF.sys to and if it is a Linux and not Windows driver. Could you let me know?

PostPosted: 7. Aug 2007, 16:35
by sandervl

PostPosted: 8. Aug 2007, 11:29
by azenz
A smashing success! It fixed the BSOD problem completely, so far at least. Before I would get a BSOD every time I tried copying large files, now it worked twice without a glitch. Thanks.