Video device error in Win7

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Video device error in Win7

Postby luobo » 20. Aug 2019, 23:10

I have Windows 7 as a guest system. I tried to install the driving simulator "3D-Fahrschule" in my Virtualbox. It was some time ago. Now, I tried again, in Virtualbox 6, it still crashes. When the installation is almost finished it crashes with an error message:
"ERROR E1242 Can't open video device".
I changed different graphics adapters, available in Virtualbox. Also I changed different sets of graphics acceleration. None of them let the installation finish. Is it possible that a dll file is missing? Or maybe another reason for this software to refuse installation?
The software is available at:
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Re: Video device error in Win7

Postby socratis » 21. Aug 2019, 09:26

Programs like these tend to push the physical hardware to their limit hence the strict requirements for the graphics card (GPU) specifications. Virtual machines will never be as powerful as the host, especially on the video side. They use after all a virtual graphics card, not your host's real graphics card. The virtual GPU itself is from around 1995-2000 in terms of capabilities. Applications that have high requirements on the GPU (drawing, 3D, games, video) are expected to not work as good as on the real hardware, if they work at all.

The new option for the VBoxSVGA in the graphics controller is supposed to be the new and improved graphics support that became a reality with 6.0.0. But, since it's the very first "run" of that option, I expect it to be buggy at the beginning. I guesstimate that by 6.1.0 both the performance and the quality will have improved dramatically.

I tried the program with a Win7-32 VM with both the VBoxVGA and the VBoxSVGA options. No go, it would crash on startup...
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