[solved] Minimizing VM to system tray?

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[solved] Minimizing VM to system tray?

Postby cdg » 18. Aug 2019, 07:38

Host machine: Windows 10/64-bit Version 1903
Guest machine: Windoze XP/32-bit SP3
VirtualBox Version: 5.2.32

I want to minimize the virtual machine to the system tray (now called the "notification area" under W10). I have tried several utilities (RBTray and TrayIT) that are designed for this task. They both work with other applications (as long as they aren't "pinned to the taskbar"), but neither works with running VirtualBox machines, or with the VirtualBox console.

VboxVMService doesn't seem to help either. All it does is start the machine in the background, while making it completely inaccessible. Meanhwile VirtualBox console opens much more slowly, and shows the VM as powered off, but "locked" if you try to start it.

Solved 08/19/2019:
I also tried PowerMenu, but it too doesn’t work for Virtual Box console or VM. I then tried MenuTools (https://www.navossoc.com/menutools/), and it DOES work, B”H. After installation, you can just right-click on the title bar to the left of the “-“ icon, and then click “minimize to tray”. (But it doesn't work for Firefox, which presumably uses it's own right-click menu, or perhaps it doesn't work because I have Firefox pinned to the taskbar?).
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