Windows 7 Taskbar obscures VBox Mini Toolbar

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Windows 7 Taskbar obscures VBox Mini Toolbar

Postby WildPhydeaux » 13. Jun 2019, 04:55

I upgraded from Linux Mint 18.3 to Linux Mint 19.1 as my workstation OS (Host). I did this as a fresh install, backing up only my user files, including the two virtual boxes I use.

I installed Virtualbox 6.0 (same version I had previously LM18) with no customizations. Also installed is are the VBox extensions. I have always run the Windows 7 guest in seamless mode, nothing different this time except that it's VBox Mini Toolbar is totally obscured by the Windows Taskbar. If I set the Windows Taskbar to auto-hide, I can see a sliver of the Mini Toolbar underneath. Hovering above it brings it up and pinning it makes it stay. But as soon as I turn off the auto-hide on the Windows Taskbar, it covers up the Mini Toolbar. Previously (under LM18) this was not an issue - the Mini Toolbar at the bottom was always accessible without hiding the Windows Taskbar. I do vaguely recall it gave me trouble initially, but frustratingly I can't recall what I did or how it was resolved.

I know I can always access the VBox menu items using Host-Home but find that inconvenient.
I know I could simply move the Windows Taskbar to top or side but also don't care for that.

Interestingly, while searching for answers and trying different things I found that somewhere along the way, doing Host-Home, View no longer has the options of toggling the menu bar and status bar which it did earlier (under this new install in LM19).

FYI: User Intterface settings for this VBox have the menu bar checked, the Mini Toolbar to Show in Full-screen/Seamless checked, Top of screen not checked and status bar not checked. Identical to my previous (LM18) settings when this all worked.


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