OA + VB = no boot

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OA + VB = no boot

Postby Leolas » 20. Aug 2008, 03:24

Hi all

I'm having an issue with Online Armor v3beta: after I install OA on Virtual Box and I reboot the VM, during the login VB freezes and the only way to log in again is to log in in safe mode and uninstall Online Armor. :(

The same happens to others... Is there any way to fix this?

ps: OA3b on VMWare works smoothly, but I prefer VB.. I hope this issue can be fixed :wink:
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Postby TerryE » 20. Aug 2008, 04:08

OA obviously tries to do clever things with the network. VBs network implementation is probably its weakest area architecturally. This + clever stuff = instability. Have you tried both NAT and Bridged configs?

You might want to raise a trouble ticket but I doubt that it will get much attention. The sun folk know that fixing the networking is a high priority anyway. You may have to live with a conventional firewall or go back to VMware.
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Postby Leolas » 20. Aug 2008, 12:02

Thank you for the answer :D

After reading your post, another user unchecked Connected Cable's option (I don't know what's the correct name in the english version) before OA's installation, and it worked :wink:


Then we just need to check that option again

Thank you again :wink:
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Postby Sasquatch » 20. Aug 2008, 12:12

You can connect and disconnect cables during runtime too. Just right click the networking icon in the statusbar when using the VBox GUI.
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Postby dOz » 4. Jan 2009, 04:07

I was having the same problem as Leolas.

with XP SP3 on host and guest, new install on guest.

I barely got Online Armor to install by disconnecting the cable but then it booted and took a long time for the desktop to show.

I decided to take off all options and installed OA agian on new clean VM snapshot. It installed very well and was running excellent. Then I turned on the AMD-V extensions and XP hanged on bootup.

I think that's the problem. Not sure what about Intel VT-x, have not tested.

Also was having problems before using Host Interface Networking, computer kept crashing and rebooting itself. I reverted back to NAT. Will try Host Interface Networking again without the AMD-V and see what happens.
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