Windows 7 with Windows XP in Virtual Box

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Windows 7 with Windows XP in Virtual Box

Postby Old Car Guy » 8. Mar 2018, 05:16

My windows XP machine crashed but I salvaged a whole bunch of projects that were done on Announcements and Print Shop 10. These programs are from the early 2000s. Now I have a Windows 7 with virtualbox. I have loaded my old programs into the box and they open all of my old files. I have not been able to make the USB ports work in the box so I can't connect to my printer or use a flash drive. I think that is all I need yet to be back in business. What must I do to get the USB ports to work????
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Re: Windows 7 with Windows XP in Virtual Box

Postby mpack » 8. Mar 2018, 11:04

Primarily you must install the extension pack, but even better is to avoid USB hassles altogether. Neither of the devices you mention should be attached as USB devices anyway.

A printer should be accessed as a network share: that way the host can continue to use it.

A flash drive should be accessed as a shared folder. That way you don't need to discover that XP doesn't support USB3 (at least not without a big fight).
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