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Re: Windows 7 Aero

Postby mpack » 3. Oct 2017, 14:52

How would I know that? You're the one with the hardware to test on. I've already mentioned my own experience of Intel Graphics, but that was a very different chipset. I suggest that you run some OpenGL test apps on the host, see how well they work.
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Re: Windows 7 Aero

Postby calebo5 » 5. Oct 2017, 15:25

Sorry about that I just didn't know if my hardware was going to work with windows aero or not so I put my computers specs into a post to see if anyone can analyze it for me.
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Re: Windows 7 Aero

Postby erdeslawe » 5. Oct 2017, 16:12

Of course Windows Aero should work in Windows 7 on a PC/Laptop with the specs you've outlined as they exceed the minimum requirements, BUT you have to work with the fact are not trying to run it in Windows 7 installed directly on that PC/Laptop! You are attempting to get it working in a Virtual PC with its own Virtual Hardware, running with the help of a separate application running on top of that PC's existing operating system.

If you've followed all of the advice already provided by socratis and mpack on getting your VirtualBox settings correct for the Windows 7 installation then try the following Intel Guide on setting up Windows Aero settings: ... 05696.html

Hopefully it will work, but it may not.
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