[SOLVED] How make Wacom USB connection recognized by Windows

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[SOLVED] How make Wacom USB connection recognized by Windows

Postby Nondescript » 2. Jun 2014, 06:31

Hello, I am sorry if this topic seems like a repeat of questions answered before, but I went through the forum and could not find a specific answer to a specific question I have about making a windows guest recognize a USB connected wacom tablet. My end goal is to find a way to make the Windows 8 OS guest (running under a Xubuntu 14.04 Trusy Tahr OS) recognize and allow the use of a wacom intuos pen and touch tablet (CTH480 tablet, but it does not matter) with all its features, including the pen pressure sensitivity feature for use in photoshop. My question is very simple but I could not find the answer to it in the forums. When I go into Windows 8 OS and open the control panel and click on Wacom tablet properties (set up pen and tablet), I get the error "A supported tablet was not found on the system." My question is, how can I get the windows 8 OS to recognize the USB-plugged in Wacom tablet I have that I would like to use? Once it is recognized I believe I can follow steps as posted here to finish the project of getting the tablet working fully functionally with windows 8: frank.notfrank DOT com/Programs/Intuos4-VirtualBox DOT html

If it helps, I can answer specific questions but I have done my best to provide relevant information about the problem here.

I have tried installing guest additions, which did solve other problems but not this one.
So far the tablet is functional only to the extent that it behaves like a mouse within the guest windows 8 OS. In photoshop I can draw without the pressure sensitivity.
I have tried setting a blank USB filter and then not plugging the tablet in until the VM Win8OS was fully started and lastly I have tried looking for answers online with no luck.
I don't understand the terminal commands necessary to check the VirtualBox version, but I just downloaded virtualbox yesterday, so it is likely a very recent version. Tell me how to check this for you and I will.
I tried:
~$ # lsmod | grep -i vbox
and output:
vboxpci 22896 0
vboxnetadp 25636 0
vboxnetflt 27291 1
vboxdrv 299807 4 vboxnetadp,vboxnetflt,vboxpci

and tried:
~$ modinfo vboxguest
modinfo: ERROR: Module vboxguest not found.

I'm very new to linux but I want to stick with it.
I am grateful to those who would help me with this. Thank you.
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Re: How to make Wacom USB connection recognized by Windows H

Postby Nondescript » 2. Jun 2014, 07:31

I have found a solution for my problem. One part of the key is to have a blank USB filter created. TOTALLY blank, so that it lets you use ANY USB device that gets plugged in. But you don't want to plug it in until the OS is fully started up and ready to receive a USB plug-in device. The other part of the key was in the fact that you must become part of a user group for the virtualbox and log in to that group and then log out by doing a reboot, part of which linux users can do by typing in the terminal

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sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers <your username>

which creates your account. Then you just have to find a way to log in I think (unless that happened automatically when creating the account in the terminal - its worth testing by rebooting right after creating the account), then reboot, and that is how I managed to get my win8OS to recognize a USB device it was not recognizing prior to this discovery.
And there is more code that I am having trouble finding again but searching for information on how to do the above and why logging into a created account using the terminal is necessary before rebooting (which logs you out). Then you boot up your VM and plug in the device and it should be recognized instantly and installed. Good luck to anyone with this problem in the future, and while I was lucky enough to find my own solution to what was a much more complex problem than it should've been, it is still a good idea to ask for help when you need it, so long as you respect community etiquette.
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Re: How to make Wacom USB connection recognized by Windows H

Postby socratis » 2. Jun 2014, 07:45

Nondescript wrote:I was lucky enough to find my own solution

I wouldn't call it luck, I would call it a methodical way of searching through the manuals, forums and the internet to walk you through the solution. Kudos!
Could you add a "[SOLVED] ..." in front of your first post, so that the rest of the community can benefit as well from your findings? TIA.
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