Linux host, Windows 7 64 guest, raw GPT partition

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Linux host, Windows 7 64 guest, raw GPT partition

Postby pippolo » 5. Dec 2012, 20:24


my host system is a Linux system and I'd like to install Windows 7 64 with Virtual Box on a raw partition (/dev/sdb6) of my USB hard disk (which is using GPT).
Is it possible to do that?
If I enable EFI mode, Windows 7 CD won't boot. Without EFI, Windows 7 complains that it cannot be installed on a GPT partition.

In case this is not possible, I would fourmat the partition for Windows (still /dev/sdb6) with a linux filesystem and would store Windows' virtual disk as a file on it. What linux filesystem would you recommend to host the Windows virtual disk?
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Re: Linux host, Windows 7 64 guest, raw GPT partition

Postby mpack » 5. Dec 2012, 21:02

Your question seems to be about installing Win7 on your host, which is beyond the scope of these forums. The fact that you ultimately intend to install VirtualBox inside Win7 would not change that.

If you mean that you want to install Win7 in a VM, then why use raw access? Why not just create a VM normally, located in that partition? That way you don't need to worry about EFI.
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