Weird Latency-problem with VRDP?

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Weird Latency-problem with VRDP?

Postby yogalu » 16. Jun 2007, 16:04

I'm currently trying your product and must say i'm quite impressed.

I set up a basic server, created a windows xp sp 1 client and vrdp'ed it's port to 5555 (using the modifyvm option).

If i connect to it with the lan network, there isn't a problem. Everything works perfectly. But when i try to connect to it using an ssh tunnel (putty from a windows guest, tunneling it over the internet from my girlfriends house) it disconnects me with a "network error" on the client.

The logs from the winxp image on the VirtualBox server tell me:

00:00:19.539 VRDP: New connection:
00:00:19.633 VRDP: Channel: [rdpdr] [1004]. Not supported.
00:00:19.633 VRDP: Channel: [cliprdr] [1005]. Accepted.
00:00:19.633 VRDP: Channel: [rdpsnd] [1006]. Accepted.
00:00:19.811 VRDP: Client seems to be MSFT.
00:00:19.811 VRDP: Logon: LAPTOP ( build 2600. User: [myusername] Domain: []
00:00:19.816 VMMDev::SetVideoModeHint: got a video mode hint (800x600x0)
00:00:19.817 VRDPAUTH: User: [myusername]. Domain: []. Authentication type: [null]
00:00:19.818 VRDPAUTH: Access granted.
00:00:19.818 VBVA: VRDP acceleration has been requested.
00:00:19.901 VMMDev::SetVideoModeHint: got a video mode hint (800x600x0)
00:00:21.834 Display::handleDisplayResize(): pvVRAM=b2b8c000 w=800 h=600 bpp=32 cbLine=0xC80
00:00:21.868 VBVA: Enabled.
00:00:23.057 Guest requests mouse pointer integration
00:00:46.041 VRDP: TCP server failed to send data to the client!!! Disconnecting the client.
00:00:46.254 VRDP: Connection closed:
00:00:46.254 VRDP: Logoff: LAPTOP ( build 2600. User: [myusername] Domain: [] Reason 0xFFFFFFFF.
00:00:46.255 VBVA: VRDP acceleration has been disabled.

Strangely enough i think it's the VRDP server that seems to kick me because it can't get all the data sent. Can this possibly be the problem?
Bringing down the bandwidth usage in the client (56k modem) doesn't make a difference.

Kind regards,

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Postby yogalu » 18. Jun 2007, 13:55

I did some more testing, if i activate the Remote Desktop function on the xp/sp1 client itself and forward this to the hosts 5555 port (using the commands described in the manual under NAT)
i can perfectly use this RDP connection remotely (through a SSH connection)

Bandwidth usage tests tell me opening up a "START MENU" in the xp client takes 80k of "upload" using VRDP,so i guess VRDP is only meant for usage on a local network with plenty of bandwidth but not for use in tunneling through SSH?

If someone sees another way, please let me know as i found the VRDP a really handy feature.

If i overread something in the manual, please also state it. I might have missed a commandline flag somewhere that helps VRDP to throttle bandwidth on remote connections?

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Postby trmentry » 22. Aug 2007, 10:03

I confirm on 1.4.0 I'm having similar issues. On my LAN vrdp works great. But when I ssh to the host machine and tunnel 3389 in ssh to the host machine or directly go to 3389 from the net (forwarded via fw), I get dropped a lot due to network issues.

It seems to be when a lot is going on the screen. Currently my XP vm is trying to update itself and so there is a lot going on the screen. IE, and the various windows it wants. That's it. If I poweroff and on the vm, things work fine. Its when I start to open windows I get this issue.

I've tried using 28.8k modem settings in my rdp client on XP but no dice.

Any suggestions?

I did notice if I took my client to 256 colors and 28.8k modem I was at least able to get a screen to draw and click <next> to get things installed. But it would still drop me soon after clicking on <next>.
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