Ethernet Driver

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Ethernet Driver

Postby Cosmarchy » 17. Feb 2012, 10:07

Hello all,

I'm having some problems with the ethernet on my VM. It is windowsXP in the VM which is running on Win7. Every time I start the VM, I am prompted to install an ethernet driver.

I cannot get access to the internet (because there is no network) and I cannot seem to find any drivers which work.

Does anyone know where I can find some drivers or what I can do about this?

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Re: Ethernet Driver

Postby mpack » 17. Feb 2012, 12:39

The default XP network interface card (NIC) in VirtualBox is the default because XP has native drivers for it, right off the shelf. If your XP has a NIC which it doesn't have a driver for then you either :-

  1. Changed from the default NIC type to something else.
  2. Are not using a kosher copy of Windows XP (e.g. it's tinyXP or similar).

I can't think of any other explanation.
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Re: Ethernet Driver

Postby scp » 21. Feb 2012, 01:55

If you go to the Network Settings of your VM, then you can click on advanced set the adapter type to "PCnet", which will be automatically installed by a original version of XP.
If you set it to Intel PRO/1000 then you can use the drivers from Intel:
You can create a .iso Image to get the driver inside the VM.
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