windows 7 aero (again lol)

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windows 7 aero (again lol)

Postby Hybridpjt » 20. Sep 2011, 00:00

hey everyone!
well win7 aero dosent seem to be working for me ill try and give the best details i can..
my host OS is windows 7 ultimate x86, and im running it on a dell inspiron duo -

atom dual core 1.5ghz

intel graphics media accelerator 3150 which has
256mb total available graphics memory
0mb dedicated video memory
64mb system video memory
and 192 shared system memory

2gb ram.

ive setup the virtual machine as follows-
its a windows 7 machine
with 1024mb ram
256mb graphics memory (with 3d support enabled)
I/O ACPI is checked
and its got a 40gb dynamic hdd

im not sure where im going wrong here.. when i was installing the guest additions, i made sure to select 3d driver and answer no to the first question to install the
wddm driver (and it shows in device manager)

when i got to personalize i can select an aero theme the desktop pic will change but the taskbar and the windows dont get the aero glass effect..

is there anything ive missed? i kinda suspect that the laptop/tablet im running it on,
may not have a beefy enough graphics card to actually do it plus, it dosent have hardware virtualization so thats a no go..

ive tried to see if i can up the memory for my graphics card on my host but i can find the option anywhere, not even in the bios..

anyone got any ideas? or is it just simply a matter that my laptop aint up to the task?
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Re: windows 7 aero (again lol)

Postby Sasquatch » 20. Sep 2011, 21:26

Did you assign 128 MB or more of Video RAM to the Guest?
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Re: windows 7 aero (again lol)

Postby wacher » 29. Sep 2011, 22:06

This is the third topic with Aero+Intel.
Aero don't work with Intel graphics, this is fact now :(
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