Win98 converted physical host -- driver problem

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Win98 converted physical host -- driver problem

Postby pichuco » 22. Dec 2010, 14:22


a small challenge with an old Win98 host:

I've converted a physical host running an old Win98 installation to
virtual one using a linux live CD and copy the raw disk image to a nfs
store. Using the "VBoxManage convertfrom raw" command I was able to
set up a VM that boots the old Win98 system (the harddisk was split up
to a few partitions).

The problem I have now is that the virtual hardware is completely
different from the old physical one. The big question is how to get
new drivers on the VM and from where?

o The VM seems not to support the cdrom (nor an iso image nor the
physical drive on the Ubuntu 10.10 host).

o The documents say that a shared folder is not supported with Win98.

o Also, the physical network card was another than the virtual one.

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards -- Peter
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Re: Win98 converted physical host -- driver problem

Postby stefan.becker » 22. Dec 2010, 19:53

For Shared Folders you can use windows shares.

And for VGA have a look in the Tutorial Section / Windows Guests.

But for the rest you need CDROM access.

What you can try: Start the machine with a boot disc with cdrom driver (mscdex). Then copy CD to virtual HD.

Then restart guest. When IDE and NIC are detected from the guest, you can point to the win98 dir on the HD.
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