4-port USB hub not recognized by WinXP guest

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4-port USB hub not recognized by WinXP guest

Postby clickatunt » 9. Dec 2010, 21:57

Hello- I have a non-powered 4-port USB hub that my WinXP guest does not recognize. I've checked Device Manager and it doesn't even ping the hub when it's plugged in. I have a Boot Camp installation of XP that finds the hub no problem.

Due to physical port configuration, I need to use this hub to be able to plug in two devices. The devices are found and installed just fine when directly plugged into either of the ports (except I can't get them in side by side - not enough space). They are recognized just fine in the BootCamp install of XP with or without the hub. But this stubborn guest refuses to 'see' the hub.

I've added filters in Port Settings with vendor IDs and also left one as a generic blank just in case but still no luck. I tried a different 4-port hub and it also is not recognized by Windows (no 'hardware found' happy ding or message and does not show up in Device Manager).

Any helpful suggestions are very welcome! Thank you for your time!
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Re: 4-port USB hub not recognized by WinXP guest

Postby Sasquatch » 11. Dec 2010, 21:35

What do you expect? It's a hub, not an end-point device. You hook up end-point devices to the hub. Your computer is full of USB hubs, but you never notice because all you see are USB ports.
If the end-point devices are not detected, it means they don't get enough power to activate themselves. Without power, you don't have a device attached. Get a powered hub instead.
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