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Tip: Win9x/ME / Higher Resolutions

PostPosted: 7. Jun 2007, 22:01
by stefan.becker
The emulated VGA has some VESA Modes.

With "Scitech Display Doctor" its possible to get higher Resolutions like "1024x687x32".

The Tools isnt supported anymore, so Google for a Download Link like this:

PostPosted: 8. Jun 2007, 00:08
by Technologov
How ?

It didn't work for me.

PostPosted: 8. Jun 2007, 00:39
by stefan.becker
In my Config it was Win 98 SE and SDD 7 Beta.

After Installation Restart.

Then the special Driver instead of Super VGA must be installed, a Standard Screen with 1280x1024.

PostPosted: 8. Jun 2007, 00:46
by Technologov
OK. will try again tomorrow.

License problem: v7 BETA is licensed as trial for 21 days. I have heard that v6.5 is available as freeware without time-bomb. Do you know where to get it ?

PostPosted: 8. Jun 2007, 01:06
by stefan.becker
No, i have a trial, too.

I will test version 6.53, too.

PostPosted: 8. Jun 2007, 01:32
by flox
Technologov wrote:OK. will try again tomorrow.

License problem: v7 BETA is licensed as trial for 21 days. I have heard that v6.5 is available as freeware without time-bomb. Do you know where to get it ?

here: ... itles.html

I've downloaded the file but I did not tried yet.


PostPosted: 8. Jun 2007, 01:44
by stefan.becker
Version 6.53 doesnt work for me, too.

PostPosted: 8. Jun 2007, 13:49
by flox
the same here.
SciTech 6.5.3 does not work.

Best resolution I have is 800x600x8 using generic display driver "Super VGA".


PostPosted: 8. Jun 2007, 14:07
by Technologov

Just tested SciTech Display Doctor 7 - and This one is wonderful ! !

WAAAY better than built-in SVGA driver inside Win 98/Me.

Not only it allows for better resolutions and colors (1024x768x32), but it's also much faster !

Maybe Innotek can make agreement with this company, and ship this driver as part of GuestAdditions ? Considering the fact that this product is discontinued, the price shouldn't be too big.

PostPosted: 8. Jun 2007, 15:19
by achimha
The whole company is discontinued :-)

All you need is a Win9x VESA driver and this is what SDD delivers. Aren't there any other drivers out there?

Note that our interest in Win9x is very limited. We don't even test it and it's by pure coincidence that it actually works (to some degree).

PostPosted: 15. Jun 2007, 19:43
by LFS-Nr-3305
@achimha: too bad, that the "interest in Win98" is limited for innotec. VirtualBox certainly is the most important single new development for us Linux Users, rendering WINE and Crossover something like the Stone Age. I tried it out with Win98, failed in connecting to the Internet, USB not working and found no solution to get any files, any output of my work within the Windows Guest out to the Host, and immediately purchased a used Windows 2000.

I need one special Scanner (Canon D2400U) which never connects in Linux/SANE. Problem solved, installed within Guest and it worked immediately. Why not use these old Win98 CDs for a guest. Too bad the Additions do not work with it...

A thought: Legacy drivers/programs from defunct companies

PostPosted: 5. Sep 2007, 11:00
by blazoner
Sorry for an OT post!

I am in no way condoning illegal activities!

Unfortunately, especially during/after the .COM bubble burst, but also with the advent of new and unsupported operating systems (Like Windows superceeding DOS), many drivers and programs that we'd happily still pay a reasonable amount of money for are lost to history.
Furthermore, the only places that access to them is readily available at all anymore is warez sites.
This is a sad state of affairs, as it turns out that the worst criminal offenders may be the only hope of the vast majority of honest seekers after digital antiquity.
Thus Google sometimes helps the honest to circumvent the antiquated copy-protection schemes of software that now has no legal owner.

Thus, after a futile search, I personally sought a crack for SDD 7 Beta, and now I am up and running with no "Time Bomb."

(I am happy to stop use of the driver/software upon proper notification that the owner wants me to. I am only using it under the assumption that the owner did not intend to stop making it available, only stopped distribution due to the company failing. This is my personal view, and I do not advise anyone to do what I have done.)

As I have said; a sad state of affairs, indeed. :cry:

PostPosted: 5. Sep 2007, 12:27
by Technologov
blazoner: could you please send me the crack ?


I also need it badly.


PostPosted: 6. Sep 2007, 11:42
by blazoner
Sorry, I can't/won't spread such things.

Just remember that Google is your friend.

Happy hunting!

p.s. Remember that warez sites are notorious for spyware, viruses, and other objectionable content. Search at your own risk!