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Postby Longfield » 3. Jul 2007, 17:08

I am experiencing the exact same issue.

I have installed virtualbox 1.4.0 for Ubuntu Feisty from the apt repository (in case it makes a difference as previously evoked). This is my very first virtualbox install, and the Windows XP virtual machine was setup with this install (and works nicely, I'm very impressed).

Has anyone figured out what is wrong here ?
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Postby \/E| » 7. Aug 2007, 20:41

I, thought I had the same problem. But
net use X: \\vboxsvr\share


1.) The device letter seems to be case sensitive.
2.) \\vboxsvr, not \\vboxsrv
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Postby olivier2831 » 9. Aug 2007, 16:00

I've go the same setup and symptoms : cannot share drive and network halfway working.

My guest is assigned with as gateway.
I can ping but cannot ping or

In ping's reply, I can see translated to [] so I guess DNS is somehow running.
I believe I turned my firewall off (but you never know).

IE is working ok but "net use F: \\vboxsvr\share" still answer Error 53.

My guess I should solve networking problem first but how ?
Any hint ?
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WinXP shared folder

Postby Harald Lukas » 11. Aug 2007, 15:47


I'm using XP on Apple OS-X 10.4.10 without any problems.
I did not use the command-line.
Go to the system-folder "network-connections" (there are several ways to do that), in German "Netzwerkverbindungen". Right-click it. In the opening window, you will find "connect network-drive" ("Netzlaufwerk verbinden"). Click!
In the opening window you choose a drive-letter ("Laufwerksbuchstabe") and search for your shared folder (which must already exist!). Click!

Good luck!

H. Lukas
Harald Lukas
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Postby olivier2831 » 22. Aug 2007, 13:52

Before setting your network drive, could you ping ?
Which reply did you then get ?

For me, this inability to ping from cmd line interface and still to be able to surf with IE or firefox is very strange.

Anyway, I tried your process :
I could find Connect to network drive tab, I choose a letter for the drive but couldn't find shared drive in Find folder tab.

Which folder name did you type ?
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Postby olivier2831 » 22. Aug 2007, 14:01

Using \\vboxsvr\share doesn't work for me.
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Postby olivier2831 » 28. Aug 2007, 19:36

I will open a new thread as I still can't share any folder between host and guest.

One thing I didn't mention is I upgraded from 1.3.7 to 1.4.0 without re-installing XP (new version of VirtualBox could find previous virtual hard drive).

I will double documentation before posting anew.
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