Burn CD in Guest OS as iso in Host OS

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Burn CD in Guest OS as iso in Host OS

Postby wbryan6 » 24. Dec 2009, 23:56

I've been playing around with my laptop (running Win XP) and working on setting up a cdr emulator (like Alochol 120, Virtual CD, or Original CD/CDRW/DVD Emulator). For whatever reason, I couldn't get anything to work. Suddenly, I realized that it might be simpler to mount niso on my Ubuntu desktop and use Virtualbox to "burn" in Windows XP to that iso. The reason for all of this is I have a Win XP program that I can only get information out of by burning a CD. Rather than use up 10-15 CDs, I'd like to just burn the info to an iso that I can extract later. If anyone has any insight on a procedure like this, your input is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Burn CD in Guest OS as iso in Host OS

Postby MrFusion » 4. Jan 2010, 09:06

I think you can do that with Phantom CD

I haven't tried it myself, but it says it can emulate a CD burner and burn to ISO files. :)
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