3D acceleration and Google Earth Plugin

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3D acceleration and Google Earth Plugin

Postby tienhn » 6. Dec 2009, 17:26

Hi All,
I have install Windows 7 and Windows XP guests on Linux Ubuntu 64 bit. Both have 3D + 2D acceleration enabled. All work great with one problem while using the the web page with Google Earth plug in. Anyone want to see the result, visit this page: http://code.google.com/apis/earth/ you may need to install Google Earth plug in. But you will see that with the 3D acceleration tun on in GuestAddition, the earth will not fill the whole window as it should.

I have seen this bug sine 3.0.x and now 3.1.x

The earth is always a small square in the lower left
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Re: 3D acceleration and Google Earth Plugin

Postby jmoscato » 14. Dec 2009, 19:21

Hi tienhn,

I encountered exactly the same problem running Fedora 10 64-bit host with Windows XP guest. I was able to fix it by forcing the Google Earth plug-in to use OpenGL mode instead of DirectX. I followed the instructions for modifying the Windows registry from this thread:

I first tried only disabling DirectDraw and Direct3D acceleration using the dxdiag.exe tool (and rebooting), but that did not work. It was only after I modified the suggested registry key (and killed all geplugin.exe tasks) that the Google Earth plug-in appeared at the correct size.

From the Google Groups thread:
You can control whether DirectX or OpenGL is used by changing this


0 = DirectX
1 = OpenGL

After making the change, you'll need to kill all geplugin.exe

Start -> Run -> taskkill /f /im geplugin.exe

or else the registry changes won't stick.

WARNING: only use this for testing, as this may change in the future.

Hope this works for you.

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Re: 3D acceleration and Google Earth Plugin

Postby Mark H. » 10. May 2013, 01:26

This no longer works in the current version of the Google Earth plugin in Chrome 26.0.1410.64 m on VirtualBox 4.2.12 running Windows 7. I searched the registry but I can't find a key like this anymore. Same problem. Google Earth plugin eats up 1 full CPU and the browser goes out to lunch. I enabled 3D Acceleration in the virtual machine settings and gave it more memory.
Mark H.
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Re: 3D acceleration and Google Earth Plugin

Postby noteirak » 10. May 2013, 09:47

This is a topic more than 3 years old. Anything that was dicussed here and the information provided (or the lack of it) is no longuer relevant.
Please open your own topic as per the forum rules (one person, one issue, one topic) and provide the Minimum information needed for assistance.

I will now lock this topic and let it fall in the forever-lost limbos. Rest at peace Ô poor topic.
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