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Re: Network adapter

PostPosted: 13. Oct 2009, 22:47
by Krabillu <-- That link works
but when i enter i go to...
Download drivers

This driver is intended for using in case when your have some new or unknown video card(s) and you don't have drivers for it. It's really better to contact manufacturer of your video card or search THE WEB for the drivers. ONLY if you finally cannot find driver for your video card I recommend you to use mine (vbemp.drv). My driver is very simple one & does not provide any kind of 3D hardware acceleration (DirectX & OpenGL).

My driver does NOT support multiple video cards connected simultaneously and this feature is NOT planned.

Before installing VBEMP.DRV I recommend removing any display drivers installed and switching to the standard VGA mode 640x480x16colors.

System requirements :

* Windows 95 - latest Service Pack is recommended
* Windows 98 - latest Service Pack is recommended
* Windows Me - latest Service Pack is recommended

Windows 9x clones - ALL of them----Debug version pre-beta 2008.10.21---------Universal VBE20 version.*----Download

When i clic that link for download marked with red the page show me "Server not found".

Re: Network adapter

PostPosted: 13. Oct 2009, 23:06
by Sasquatch
You mean this link: by chance? Works for me just fine. I've attached it now too.

Re: Network adapter

PostPosted: 13. Oct 2009, 23:26
by Krabillu
Yes, just i mean that link ( When i clic page say:

Server not found

Firefox can not find the bearwindows.boot.

* Check that the address has no typos type instead of

* If you can not load any pages, check the connection
your computer network.

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall
or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted
to access the site.

But np i downloaded the file you attached to your post. Thx again.

Re: Network adapter

PostPosted: 13. Oct 2009, 23:29
by Sasquatch
Can you try it again with a different browser? If IE fails to, try Opera (, that's what I use and it just worked. Only other possible cause is that there is no route to the download location from your ISP. Can you access If not, it's a routing problem. Nothing we can do about, or discuss here on the forums (outside the scope).

Re: Network adapter

PostPosted: 14. Oct 2009, 00:54
by Krabillu
I can't enter, same message is showed (server not found).