custom display resolution/color depth

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custom display resolution/color depth

Postby improbability » 17. Oct 2007, 08:27

Firts off, I have to say that I am very impressed with virtualbox's performace and features. in fact, running a windows xp guest on a windows vista host (for compatability issues with vista), I have noted a significant performace gain in such things as internet browsing.

Now for the question: Is here a way to add custom video resolutions to the vesa driver? I ask because one of the reasons that I am using a virtualmachine is to be able to play legacy games that only support resolutions on 640x480 with 256 color depth. Apparently, the virtualboz vesa driver does not support this resolution. For the time being, I found a solution by installing a universal vesa driver. However, I would prefer to use virtualbox's own driver if possible.

If this is not currently possible, than I would like to request that such a feature (or at least that resolution) be added to future releases of the driver. Thanks.
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