ETA for ieee1394/Firewire support?

Discussions about using Windows guests in VirtualBox.

Is Firewire support the last thing stopping you from going fully 'virtual' with Windoze?

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Yes, please please please!
No, I prefer to bug the audio vendors for Linux native support.. and never hear from them again
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ETA for ieee1394/Firewire support?

Postby Russtopia » 28. Sep 2007, 05:08

Firstly, Virtualbox ROCKS. Absolutely awesome product. I love using WinXP in seamless mode on my laptop along with Kubuntu, it's just amazing to have both OSes handy at once! And it doesn't feel like emulation at all.. speedy and responsive!

has anyone had luck with firewire (ieee1394) support for Windows guests on Linux?

This is the *one* thing that none of the virtualization packages seem to do -- if there was plug 'n play pass-through of firewire in VirtualBox, it would really pull ahead of the pack vs. VMWare, etc. and musicians like myself (probably videographers too!) would be able to finally go fully virtual with our Windows installs!

So pipe up all you musicians out there! I'm sure there are lots of you that also need this, hmm?

I've entered an enhancement request (#721) for this.

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Re: ETA for ieee1394/Firewire support?

Postby frosenzweig » 31. Dec 2009, 22:47

Hear, hear!. I have some golf swing analysis software that only runs on windoze and would love to run it using VirtualBox
on a MacBook Pro. But in order to utilize the video capabilities, I need Firewire support. Please increase the priority for
this support. I love the virtualization that VirtualBox provides, especially with the guest enhancements.
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