[Solved] Fault outside of MS-DOS Extender (win98 install)

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Re: [Solved] Fault outside of MS-DOS Extender (win98 install

Postby Cpt Haddock » 6. Jun 2012, 09:38

Thanks for this post people!

I was getting the same error message. I unchecked 'enable VT-x/AMD' and Changed the amount of RAM down to 32Mb and reduced the hard drive space down to 2Gb worked well.
Cpt Haddock
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Re: [Solved] Fault outside of MS-DOS Extender (win98 install

Postby trlkly » 13. Jun 2012, 15:59

It may be a fix in the latest version of VirtualBox, but I got Windows 98 (SE) to install without disabling VT-x. This is good, as it makes the Guest OS run faster.

You just have to boot to a command prompt, then run D:\SETUP.EXE /ie /im /is. I did this after the first setup failed with this error, basically just trying all the setup options that looked like they might work.

What those options do is as follows:
/ie Disables the Create a Boot Disk prompt.
/im Disables the checking conventional (DOS) memory.
/is Disables scandisk--not necessary, but it speeds up the installation.

I didn't use the /p j switch, but I'm sure that could be added as well. But if not, read my instructions on how to enable ACPI after Windows 98 installation in the "Re: Discuss: Tutorial: Windows 95/98 guest OSes" thread.

I have yet to try this on Windows 95, but I will.
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Re: [Solved] Fault outside of MS-DOS Extender (win98 install

Postby Josh Kernop » 1. Nov 2015, 22:58

Thanks! This Worked With Windows ME I Unchecked The Things And It Worked Here Are My Specs Of My VM:
OS: Windows ME
Hard Disk: 25 GB

Josh Kernop
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