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Tricky networking situation

PostPosted: 11. Sep 2007, 05:25
by om3ga

I only just got a new laptop with Vista installed, and unfortunately vista does not work with my university's authentication (works fine in XP).

So I decided to install a virtual machine with XP on it, give the network device to it, and connect to network in XP, then bridge the virtual machine's "ethernet" to my laptop, or something like that.

By doing this, I'd hope to get wireless access through the virtual machine. Is such a thing possible? "Host Interface" wasn't what I was expecting :(


PostPosted: 11. Sep 2007, 10:20
by LFS-Nr-3305
After I installed Windows 2000 Guest in my VB 1.4 with Kubuntu as Host, I was able to connect to the internet via my Router using DHCP, without any further action or installation (except telling Windows I did not want to use ISDN or dial-out, but Network only). Seems the defaults were sufficient to connect to a network server.

I hope this experience helps you in your decision, until maybe somebody more competent than me gives you more detailed insctruction.

PostPosted: 11. Sep 2007, 11:34
by om3ga
Its not the internet access that im talking about, I want the virtual machine to actually take over the physical wireless network device, as if it were connected physically to the virtual machine. I know this is possible with the USB devices, but what about others like laptop built-in wireless network? (on pci-express bus, i think).

By doing this I could get XP (in the virtual machine) to handle the low level network authentication stuff that Vista fails on.