Seamless Annoyances on 1.5.0

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Seamless Annoyances on 1.5.0

Postby vbgunz » 9. Sep 2007, 19:08

these are just my experiences with working on a Windows XP guest from a Linux host. some of the experiences here may not be shared by all and some may in no way be the fault of VirtualBox 1.5.0.

1. the main virtual machine starts up in the face of the user before going seamless. no apparent option to do this as far out of the way as possible.
2. the Windows taskbar is very intrusive whether it is set to auto-hide or not.
* if it is not set to auto-hide it is just in the way. if it is set to auto-hide, it hides almost randomly (feels a little glitchy) and appears when not really wanting it too.
3. launching a binary file through it's native course over the virtual machines network share results in the screen going black.
* e.g., Open media player 11 and use it to browse to a music file on a vbox share. open it. launch an executable directly from a vbox share.
4. pressing show on the virtual machine doesn't actually show it.
5. restarting (not resetting) a Windows XP guest results in the machine to start with a black screen. only a reset is the apparent fix for this issue.
6. applications show up fine. large menus do not. here is a way to reproduce it.
* Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Color Scheme (menu). Drop the menu and see the problem.
7. windows have no idea how to spread across virtual desktops (work spaces). they either all show up or they all don't, across one or all virtual desktops.
* application A and B cannot spread across desktops 1 and 2. e.g. A on 1, B on 2.

any questions, please ask, I will go into more detail if necessary
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