Windows Guest Drops Network Connection

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Windows Guest Drops Network Connection

Postby pmorton » 7. Apr 2009, 19:47

I'm running Quickbooks on a Win2K guest over Ubuntu 8.10. The Virtualbox and Windows set-up was easy and trouble-free, but I'm finding for the first time - and I've used Virtualbox for some time now in this configuration - that the guest network connection drops temporarily from time to time, causing delayed write errors to pop up in Quickbooks and the program to crash.

Virtualbox chooses for its network adaptor (which I assume is virtual, since my real adaptor is a Realtek RTL8111) a PCnet-FAST III (Am79C973), for which Win2K installs the correct driver, and networking in a NAT environment works fine without any effort from me. Except for these drops in connection. I tried changing the adaptor to the Intel ones offered as a choice in the Settings menu, but I couldn't find a Win2K driver for these. The connection seems to re-establish shortly after it fails, as a re-start of Quickbooks connects once more.
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Re: Windows Guest Drops Network Connection

Postby vbox4me2 » 7. Apr 2009, 21:30

VBox version? using wireless?
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Re: Windows Guest Drops Network Connection

Postby ScottMartin » 27. May 2009, 18:46

We are suffering from the same exact problem. We are using the following:
host: Ubuntu 64
guest: WinXP

We have installed the Intel driver and it seems to help a bit.
We have tried NAT,bridge and all produce the same result.

I have posted 'Virtualbox losing connection to LAN drive' on 5/11, but there has been no real solution here.

Hopefully there is a fix for this soon.

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Re: Windows Guest Drops Network Connection

Postby jkarcz » 27. May 2009, 19:24

I have seen that also. Vbox seems to disconnect and reconnect the NIC almost randomly at times.

I use Quicken in my VM with my data file inside the VM as well as my workaround for this because of the periodic network disconnects. Quicken seems to write frequently to the data file, and any network interruption seems to cause the "delay write error". I set quicken to make backups to a smb-mounted dir frequently.

Quicken, for me at least, has always given me problems when using a data file over a network, wired, or wireless.
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