Question: Vbox and rkunhooker\Rootkits?...

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Question: Vbox and rkunhooker\Rootkits?...

Postby nycjv321 » 6. Sep 2007, 00:00

While running Windows (clean install) as a Guest and Linux as a host I run rkunkooker on guest (out of boredom) and notice that under the drivers section it says one of the drivers are "hidden" which is not good lol, And there isn't a name or loaded from section (location) instead it says "?_empty_?" for both. I know for a fact that I haven't installed any rootkits (on purpose) or been to any sites to where I could have gotten any since it is a clean install. also for the fact I have ran rkunhooker on my actual system when I was a windoze user back in the day and It never showed anything suspicious. So my final question is: could this unknown driver somehow be Virtualbox? or am I completely mistaken If I am what should I do? since i trust the application and if this really was a hidden root kit created by rkunhooker I don't think the author would let his own application show that lol :) I have read at other websites how it isn't a "clean" app (ex. but these are just software/author wars that i believe i should ignore :\ thx for the help and advice in advance! :-)

BTW sleamless mode is fricken awesome, but seems buggy on KDE since windows's taskbar and the kde "taskbar" (excuse me if I'm using incorrect terminology) seem to overlap rather then what it does with gnome's as shown in the user manual. :\ unless that is how it works on KDE if so then still COOL.
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