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Video Memory and Screen Resolutions

PostPosted: 3. Sep 2007, 05:43
by Guest
Ubuntu 7.04 64 bit Host with nvidia graphics card and twin view enabled at 1440x900x2 on 2 1440x900 capable monitors.
Windows XP Guest running at 1440x900 in fullscreen mode on a single monitor.
vbox version is 1.4.0, Guest Additions are installed.

As mentioned, my monitors are capable of 1440x900.
With Guest additions installed, I can set my guest resolution to 1440x900.
I can then enter and leave fullscreen mode and move the guest machine from one of my monitors to the other, then return to full screen mode.

However, at that point, when I re-enter fullscreen mode, it switches to 1432x792, and I can no longer choose 1440x900 in windows display properties.

Apparently, if I change the Video Memory to any number of MB that I have previously NOT used, the guest will start back up in 1440x900 mode, but then once I leave and re-enter fullscreen mode, I can not choose that setting again.

EDIT: please disregard the following, I just learned that it refers only to VRDP usage, not normal use. I'd still like to run in 1440x900 fullscreen though.

I eventually plan to run the guest across both monitors since I read that I can do that, but I'd rather check on this issue first and see what is causing it.

I ONLY want 1440x900, and eventually that resolution x2 with dual monitors.

Thanks for any insight.