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Windows 2008 server

PostPosted: 19. Feb 2009, 19:22
by MoNsTeR

First : Sorry for by bad english, i'm french.

I had install windows server 2008 on my virtualbox (i'm running on windows xp pro SP3), all is ok but when i use "remote desktop" for connect to my windows server, the mouse il very very long, and i can't click ..

Somebody have a solution ?

(Again : Sorry for my bad english)

PostPosted: 20. Feb 2009, 14:23
by MoNsTeR
Nobody knows ?

PostPosted: 20. Feb 2009, 15:59
by Sasquatch
How are you connecting to the VM? What network settings are you using (NAT, HIF)? Please try to give some more info.

PostPosted: 20. Feb 2009, 23:29
by MoNsTeR

Thank for you reply.

I use NAT :)

PostPosted: 21. Feb 2009, 01:09
by Sasquatch
Still haven't answered my first question and request. Give more info. Please see the Forum Posting Guide for what info we absolutely need.

PostPosted: 21. Feb 2009, 19:10
by MoNsTeR
Sasquatch wrote:How are you connecting to the VM?

I don't really understand the question but i try to answer it.

When i want to manage my VM, i'm connecting to it with VirtualBox ...
My computer, where virtualbox is installed, is connected on the internet by Wifi, it's maybe the problem ?

I'm being sorry, but i don't understand the meaning of your question :/


PostPosted: 21. Feb 2009, 22:29
by Sasquatch
You said in your first post that you connect to the VM using RDP, but VB has it's own RDP server available. So my question is, which RDP are you using? The VRDP, or the Guest RDP server itself? Or are you connecting to the Host RDP server and run the VM in that RDP session?

PostPosted: 22. Feb 2009, 02:10
by MoNsTeR
So my question is, which RDP are you using?

The RDP client of windows for connect me to my guest windows server.
In VirtualBox, i have the option "Activate remote desktop" activate.

It's maybe the problem ?

I should disable the option on virtualbox, and activate the rdp in windows itself :?:

Thanks to help me, and i'm sorry if i don't understand the first try.

PostPosted: 22. Feb 2009, 20:19
by Sasquatch
Ah, so you are using the VRDP server that VB offers, and not the one of the Guest itself. You can try the internal RDP server of the Client OS itself. If you use NAT networking for the Guest, then you have to forward it's port number so you can connect to it. It would be best not to use the default RDP port (3389), as that might interfere with your Host (if it's Windows). Use a different port to forward, like 4489. See the manual for how to forward ports with NAT.

If you use Host Interface, you can access the Guest RDP directly on it's own IP address.

PostPosted: 23. Feb 2009, 02:00
by MoNsTeR
Ok, So i found the problem.

Thanks a lot for your help,

The problem is :

-RDP on windows enabled
-RDP on VB enabled

I disabled the windows RDP, and i just enabled the VB RDP on port 49800 ;)

All is okay, thanks again !

My second problem,

Is : When i'm connecting to my windows server, i use directly the session already open ..
I musn't do loggin :/

PostPosted: 23. Feb 2009, 04:15
by eviltwin
In the virtual machine settings under the VRDP stuff, you can set the type of authentication to use. Select whatever seems most appropriate to you.

PostPosted: 23. Feb 2009, 12:25
by MoNsTeR
Yes, i saw and i did it.
Only, when i use a else option (authentication externe, authentication client), the connection to the BVRDP is impossible ...

When i use "Null" for authentication setting, all is okay ....

It's very strange.

PostPosted: 23. Feb 2009, 19:36
by Sasquatch
See the manual. There is a library needed on the Guest for the "External" (or "Guest", I forgot the difference) to work.

PostPosted: 24. Feb 2009, 15:53
by MoNsTeR
Ok, i found it :)

I tape :
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VBoxManage setproperty vrdpauthlibrary VRDPAuth.dll

And i use "external" for client type auth.

But, i can't connect to my server again ... :(