Sound with Win3.x?

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Sound with Win3.x?

Postby Ravant » 28. Aug 2007, 12:24

Sorry for my first post here at the community sounding a bit... uninformed. I know VirtualBox doesn't officially support Windows 3.x, but I was wondering if there was any way to get some kind of sound output from Win 3.1? I only recently installed this because I found a box of stuff from my old Tandy computer (it's ancient.) and all of the CD's and floppies still work (somewhat) reliably. I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and play a few of my old favorite games from the era (Victor, Vector and Yondo, Commander Keen, etc.) but I can't seem to find any sound drivers that would possibly work.

Any ideas?
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Postby stefan.becker » 28. Aug 2007, 19:47

Try to find a Driver via Google. If you dont find a driver, there is no way.
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Postby ghr » 29. Aug 2007, 21:10

Three options:
1 - follow stefan and find a driver by googling. You should try to find a Win 3.x driver for the Intel (r) 82801AA AC’97 Audio Controller. I tried but without success and historically speaking there's only a very small chance that you find something.
2 - load Win 95, install sound and load Win 3.x in that VM such that you can start it from a dos prompt (some suggest that this can be done....). I found a driver that emulates SB under Win95 DOS. This option has some problems of a different nature.
3 - try Qemu, for your purpose probably better and definitely more convenient. You loose, some, you gain some with this one....

[EDIT after Ravants words below ]
1 - AC97 is a PCI-based audio solution, PCI came along at the same time as Win95; so with new PC's having a PCI bus there would not be much interest in creating AC97 drivers for Win3.x
2 - is not recommended
4 - indeed, DosBox for games, fine
5 - write your own driver ? I can imagine some problems and some options (if one can get AC97 to look like SB...) but would not know at all why that could NOT be done (apart from being a specialist task, admitted).
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Postby Ravant » 8. Sep 2007, 02:17

Thanks for the responses. Google didn't help much in this case, which is why I posted in the first place. What I've done instead is forced some of the games to run in DosBox in Dos mode. They don't operate as smoothly as they used to on my old Tandy, but it still works. What I've instead decided to do with VirtualBox is bring up a distro of Linux to play with it without screwing up a real computer. :)
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