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Windows 11

PostPosted: 29. Jan 2023, 19:44
by alexuschi
I got Windows 11
Virtualbox works in my Sytem Windows11?
I got problems to create "togheter-folder"

Re: Windows 11

PostPosted: 29. Jan 2023, 19:56
by scottgus1
alexuschi wrote:Virtualbox works in my Sytem Windows11?


alexuschi wrote:I got problems to create "togheter-folder"

I suspect that's a fat-finger for "together-folder", which I think really means "shared folder"

Shared folders can be made two ways:

1. Using an Ethernet network between the host OS and the VM OS. Bridged or Host-Only are the Virtualbox Ethernet networks to try. Then use whatever shared folder system the OS's have to make the shared folders. These would be full real shared folders that can do whatever typical shared folders can do.

2. Virtualbox Shared Folders set up in the VM settings do not need an Ethernet network, but require Guest Additions inside the VM. Virtualbox Shared Folders are good for file transfer, but may be limited on other features that full real shared folders can do.