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Update Windows 10 Guest to Windows 11

PostPosted: 18. Aug 2022, 01:26
by PastorBirt
I'm running a Windows 10 Guest in VirtualBox 6.1.34 in KDE Neon and I want to upgrade it to Windows 11. Windows 10 consistently tells me that my machine does not meet the requirements to update to Windows 11. I have found some information telling me how to do a fresh install of Windows 11 in a new machine, but have not found anything telling me how to upgrade a current Windows 10 installation to Windows 11. My understanding is that any version after 6.1.28 should be able to run Windows 11 and since I'm running version 6.1.34 this should be theoretically possible. Is there something I'm missing?

Re: Update Windows 10 Guest to Windows 11

PostPosted: 18. Aug 2022, 01:33
by scottgus1
Virtualbox 6.1 is not technically compatible with Windows 11 yet, although many have run 11 in Virtualbox 6.1 by applying the web-searchable Microsoft suggestions on how to install Windows 11 in a non-compatible computer. There are some registry tweaks and other wizardry that needs to be done. You can web-search to find out how to do it in a real computer, then apply the process to a Virtualbox 6.1 VM. If there is a process to upgrade a 10 PC that is not compatible with 11 to 11 using the hacks, you should be able to do the same to your 10 VM. Recommendation: take a backup of the VM in case the hacks break 10. With the 10 VM fully shut down not save-stated, make a copy of the VM's folder, along with any drives the VM has stored outside of its folder.