Windows XP No volume control (and other problems)

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Windows XP No volume control (and other problems)

Postby therussianlunchlady » 16. Sep 2021, 02:23

I’ve used VirtualBox for several years now but I’ve often run into audio issues. This one is new and particularly bizarre.

I’ve had the echo/crackling issue in the past, but at some point with my new laptop the issue disappeared. (Now VMWare gets the dubious honor of having horrific crackling sounds with every solution tried, figures :roll: ) Now my problem is that the guest volume controls do nothing. I had to recently re-install Windows 10 but my virtual machine save states are intact. I’ve never experienced this before. Obviously lowering the volume in the host makes it lower, but even when I drag the volume bar or try to mute, the sound stays at maximum volume in the guest. I’ve looked for solutions online but everything is 5+ years old and isn’t my exact issue.

On a side note, a couple games that used to work before I re-installed Windows 10 now either hang or lag to the point of being nonfunctional. I’ve tried this on multiple machines (I use the same .iso file but for some reason each machine runs differently despite the exact same install.) It feels random whenever I’ve used VirtualBox as to whether or not sound functions or certain games work. It also doesn’t recognize discs in D: unless I have the disc in before I boot.

My main question is the audio—why is it doing this now and how do I adjust in the VM settings if it doesn’t work in the guest? (I also can’t connect to wifi despite following directions online.) Any other answers to my questions would be great. I like this software a lot but I’m often fighting it just to get it to do basic things.

Thank you!
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Re: Windows XP No volume control (and other problems)

Postby mpack » 16. Sep 2021, 09:46

You mean both VirtualBox and VMWare. I would hope that you came here to discuss VirtualBox!

Unfortunately you say nothing about software versions, and without a log very little can be said. Make sure the VM is fully shut down, then right click it in the manager UI. Select "Show Log" and save "VBox.log" (no other file) to a zip file. Attach the zip here.
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