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Mouse not functioning after a while

Posted: 2. Aug 2021, 12:22
by dannyil
Host Mac OS X Big Sur (latest build 11.5.1)
MacBook Pro 2017, 16 Gb, 15", i7 4-core

Windows Guest: Windows 10 64-bit
RAM: 6 Gb on Host
Cores: 2
Using PS/2 mouse
3D Acceleration

For the most part removing 3D acceleration and taking off SVGA is much better
but the issue is two-fold
1. increasing the RAM makes the VB slower
2. Mouse ceases to function - scrolling and clicking stops
when taking off mouse integration, moving the mouse is horrendous, restoring mouse integration restores the functionality briefly

Re: Mouse not functioning after a while

Posted: 4. Aug 2021, 20:47
by dannyil
So after much messing around
I found that my windows 10 guest is incredibly slow
and that the mouse refuses to get out of a highlight loop
in other words when I highlight something it simply locks and is unable to get out
of that.
In any event I got so frustrated with the situation and having to restart virtualbox all the time and having to restore a snapshot
because of a non-functional mouse.

I've been with Virtualbox since version 4.6 so it's been a long time.
I wish I could say I love it, but I don't anymore, I've found my windows machine getting slower and slower with each update
So I installed parallels and was completely blown away about how windows virtualization should be handled.
If you're prepared to pay for it, it's a much better option imho. If not, well the issue still stands.

Re: Mouse not functioning after a while

Posted: 4. Aug 2021, 21:38
by Martin
From your logfile:
00:00:04.128735 Host RAM: 16384MB (16.0GB) total, 5330MB (5.2GB) available
5.2 GB memory were free on the host when you started the guest.
00:00:04.518892 RamSize <integer> = 0x0000000180000000 (6 442 450 944, 6 144 MB, 6.0 GB)
6 GB RAM for the guest.
You have configured the guest with more memory than availabel. So it is not very surprising that the system is slowing down.