Little to no audio and crashes in legacy Windows

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Little to no audio and crashes in legacy Windows

Postby VBProblems » 28. Feb 2021, 19:07

There's little to no audio in Windows 2000 with both the Sound Blaster 16 and intel AC'97 options. I assume this is a bug/regression in VirtualBox 6.1.18 or earlier. The audio that does play is sporadic at best and stops mid-sound at times.I have seen quirkiness in Windows NT 4.0 with audio and crashes in Windows 98 as well. With Service Pack 4 installed, the audio merely doesn't play correctly. With the RTM release, it even refuses to shut down properly the normal start menu way. I need to initiate an ACPI shut down using VirtualBox. I assume the shut down problems could be related as the audio problems also occur with the RTM release.
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