Update 6.1.34 no longer functions with trackball/mice even using brand new B100 Mouse

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Update 6.1.34 no longer functions with trackball/mice even using brand new B100 Mouse

Postby Oracle VM User » 1. Jul 2022, 04:54

Hi everyone!

I'll do this simple and clear in a new clean posting, without all the other conversations.

A reminder, since updating to Virtualbox 6.1.34 I have experienced on my Windows 7 Guest:

1. Audio static in my recordings, playback, speakers.

2. Failure of my Logi trackball, Bluetooth mouse, no matter what attempts I tried to fix it.

I thought of an idea!

I purchased a brand new (i.e. latest software pre-installed as mice no longer have downloaded software I discovered!)

Corded, regular mouse with important bi-directional scroll wheel so I can use my Windows 7 programs with many windows and scroll bars.

Logitech B100 outer Box and website say:
no hassle no software setup;
Windows 10 or later, Windows 8 Windows 7

ON Windows 10 host, I launched Virtualbox, and entered Windows 7 32bit Guest.

[Test 1] Plugged cord into dongle where all my flash and other items are located, and where the Bluetooth mouse used to be plugged in with its small USB.

[Result? Failure of mouse to operate.]

[Test 2] Plugged cord into my last open USB on laptop that is directly into computer, no hub, no dongle no nothing.

[Result? Just flashes the items, but no cursor moves or appears, just as I move the mouse randomly almost flashes anything on the desktop. I can't use the buttons to activate anything. Return on my wired keyboard does not activate anything.]

Only way to use the computer is via a touchpad on my laptop (which I was advised NOT to go into "why" its impossible for me to use it, just say I can't use it)

One other factor, each time I remove or shut down the VM, and start it again with the corded mouse in a different USB spot, the computer informs me its "installing software for new device" "new device found"...... after it gives a green checkmark.... ......nothing...... I still can't use mouse to direct programs or even the Windows 7 operating system itself on the VM Guest.

Reminder, I have updated to 6.1.34
I have installed the 6.1.34 Extensions
I also (for first time ever) installed the Guest Additions for 6.1.34

One question still to be answered: How do I get "ANY" mouse to work with Windows 7 Virtualbox Update 6.1.34?
[I still have the audio static, I just need a mouse to help moving items around/selecting choices and doing all the attempts within Windows 7 OS to try to fix the Audio Static problem described more fully in:

Attempted Change Screen Size of Machine failed--now stuck in new size


Thank you for your reading this short item.

Oracle VM User
Latest logs attached.
Windows7 32bit VM-2022-06-30-08-56-01 hardened zipped.zip
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Windows7 32bit VM-2022-06-30-08-55-58 zipped.zip
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Re: Update 6.1.34 no longer functions with trackball/mice even using brand new B100 Mouse

Postby AndyCot » 1. Jul 2022, 05:58

Looks like a dup or very close dup of:
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Re: Update 6.1.34 no longer functions with trackball/mice even using brand new B100 Mouse

Postby mpack » 1. Jul 2022, 10:07

Cross posting is against forum rules. Locking. If no-one has an answer then try bumping the original topic - though frankly you need to start restricting yourself to 50 words or less, otherwise folks just give up and move on.
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