All VMs crash within a few seconds if usb is enabled

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All VMs crash within a few seconds if usb is enabled

Postby Zbder » 20. May 2022, 14:55


i am struggling to get USB Ports working on any VM. I installed the extension package and i currently have absolutely no usb ports used. If i select "Enable USB-Controller", i can start the VM without a problem and it tries to boot, but once i am on the Login Screen the VM crashes within 5 seconds, if i disable the USB-Controller option it works totally fine.

I could not find a solution the past 2 hours on google i am really wondering if somebody has a tip for me on this.

Edit: I re-installed VirtualBox and the Extension pack as this was a widely used suggestion i saw but unfortunately the result is still the same, it just crashes at the login screen after a few seconds if "Enable Usb-Controller is enabled", on my host system i can use all kind of usb devices as a mouse for example. I am using the latest version (6.1.34) and the respective extension pack(6.1.34) on a Windows 10 Host.
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Re: All VMs crash within a few seconds if usb is enabled

Postby scottgus1 » 20. May 2022, 15:15

Enable the USB controller, then start the VM from full normal shutdown, not save-state. Run until you see the problem happen, then shut down the VM from within the VM's OS if possible. If not possible, close the Virtualbox window for the VM with the Power Off option set.

Right-click the VM in the main Virtualbox window's VM list, choose Show Log. Save the far left tab's log, zip it, and post the zip file, using the forum's Upload Attachment tab.
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