blue screen installing

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blue screen installing

Postby ManuelMartinez » 17. May 2021, 08:05

Laptop asus with I7 Ram 12, without secure boot, with virtualization options activated; Host ubuntu 20.04, Virtualbox 6.1.16

When I run a virtual machine imported from another laptop with ubuntu I obtained a blue screen with error 0x0000007F then:
I create a new virtual machine and I try to install different windows versions (7 y 8, 32 and 64 bits) unsuccessfully because I obtain the same error also when I reboot and I enter repair mode
I try with different options of memory and mode video and I obtain the same error.
strangely I can run virtual machine with others Linux distros

can you help me? please
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Re: blue screen installing

Postby Radchu24 » 29. May 2021, 23:51

What is the guest OS? If you are using an old version of windows then do a fresh install. Then when you shut down the machine use the shutdown built into windows, don't just use the close windows button. Also, if you are using windows 2000+ (ME not supported) then install the guest additions and use apic shutdown. It works a treat. Hope this helps!
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Re: blue screen installing

Postby scottgus1 » 30. May 2021, 00:31

Start the VM from full power off, not save-state. Run until you see the problem happen, then shut down the VM from within the VM OS if possible. If not possible, close the Virtualbox window for the VM with the Power Off option set.

Please right-click the VM in the main Virtualbox window's VM list, choose Show Log. Save the far left tab's log, zip the log file, and post the zip file, using the forum's Upload Attachment tab.
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